January 15, 2010

Brain-Building Toys for Dogs

Now that pets have their own airline and social networks, shouldn’t our dogs enjoy more sophisticated entertainment than the simple bones gnawed on by their ancestors?  We think so! 

Enter Kyjen, a California company devoted to designing toys that build the canine brain.

Their Puzzle Plush Dog Toys challenge and entertain dogs much the way developmental toys do for children. For example, the IQube is a plush cube with balls nestled inside to test dogs' intelligence and puzzle-solving skills as they try to get the balls out. The Hide-A-Squirrel toy includes three toy squirrels hiding in a plush log, challenging dogs to find and remove them. The IntelliBone is a plush bone toy surrounded by removable plush rings. See also their Eco Hemp line and Bottle Buddies toys, designed to hold recycled water bottles for extra crinkle noise and chewing satisfaction

Whatever you choose, you’ll turn maniac into brainiac, and canine into brainine.   

IQube Puzzle Plush Dog Toy



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