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January 16, 2007

Hospitality? Or ticket to the Hospital?

Nothing says “Welcome!” like “Beware of Dog.” And nothing says “Beware” like a doormat with a dog-bite taken out.

Greet guests with this adorable mat, and they’re feelin’ the love. Warm all over. Spirits lifted, they ring the bell and the party begins. On the other hand, if they’re there just to stalk the place, you may as well just let them know right now that your crib harbors some serious fang.

And last, but not least, this mat will weed out the overly timid, who will run off screaming into the night. No mat-ter who comes by, or for what reason, this mat is for you. Its non-skid backing holds it in place and its natural coconut fibers clean your shoes.

Check out some of their other fun pet themed products such as Fat Cat Glasses and the Bad Dog Tumbler Set.

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