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January 17, 2007

Cat-in-the-Hat? Cat and Mouse? No, Cat-in-the-House!

Face it. Cats may be neater than dogs and husbands but they are no Mr. Clean. The Cat Connection offers great solutions for anyone living with a cat-in-the-house.

Take first the litter issue. Litter which is supposed to remain in the box somehow ends up everywhere else, as if Kitty fancies herself a modern day Hansel and Gretel leaving a perfect trail in her wake. Just as you trained your man to wipe his feet before coming into the house or wash his hands before leaving the bathroom, train your cat to wipe her litter-packed paws with the Litter Welcome Mat. Its mesh top naturally and gently encourages your cat to separate her paws releasing any trapped litter from her pads or digits. The tray underneath catches the grains for easy clean-up.

Also in stock is a foaming waterless bath that will keep Kitty smelling fresh and welcome throughout.

And what feline wouldn't be completely captivated by the Cat Sitter DVD: an hour or two of birds fluttering in a forest, tropical fish swimming in an aquarium, mice crawling all over one another, squirrels munching on nuts and much more. Treat yours to an adventure-filled journey without leaving the comfort of home! There's something for everyone to foster peaceful inter-species coexistence.

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