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February 19
, 2013

26 Acts of Kindness: ACT 23

The Power of Scent for Healing and Soothing—Win a Bottle of Guard Well and Buzz Guard Natural Spray Mist from Earth Heart

More than just a pretty scent, the aromatherapeutic formulations that Earth Heart puts together can help your fur children live happier, healthier lives. With springtime just around the corner, take a look at their Guard Well and Buzz Guard blends. Both are made from pure and natural essential oils, packaged in BPA-free easy-to-use spray mist bottles, and can deliver soothing protection to your pup.

Buzz Guard uses neem seed and essential oils to help keep the flying pests away on outdoor excursions. Guard Well contains niaouli, ravensare, and frankincense to help relieve itching and irritation from environmental irritants (like lawn or pool chemicals, dry air, viruses, and bacteria). Just spray onto your hands, massage into pup’s skin and coat, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Earth Heart Guard Well

Earth Heart Buzz Guard

26 lucky Daily Kibble subscribers will each WIN 26 prizes, one of which will be a Bottle of Guard Well and Buzz Guard Natural Spray Mist from Earth Heart as featured in Daily Kibble's Share the Love Contest's twenty-third Act of Kindness! All 26 winners will be drawn at the end of the contest but you can improve your chances by entering each day from 1/28 - 2/22/13. Good luck!

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