February 26, 2013

People Win Big with Daily Kibble: "26 Acts of Kindness" Winners!

Many thanks to all of the pet lovers that participated in our "26 Acts of Kindness" to Share the Love Contest. We're thrilled to be able to say that there were more than 32,000 entires! And now, if everyone will sit and stay nicely, we'll unveil the winners!

In addition to this announcement, we'll be sending individual emails to each winner to collect your contact information. And we can't wait to hear how each and everyone of you share the love by paying forward some of your winnings. Thank you for being part of the fun! Stay tuned for more deals, contests and goodies from Daily Kibble. 

Here is the list of all of the prizes that each winner will be receiving. Thanks so much to all of our partners for participating with us in this special contest.

Act 1 –
$25 Gift Card

Act 2 – Thundershirt
Thundershirt for a Dog or Cat

Act 3 – Planet Dog
Glow-in-the-Dark Orbee-Tuff® Orbee Ball

Act 4 – Sturdi Products
SturdiBox™ Folding Tight Water Box

Act 5 – Wagatha's
Package of Vermont Pumpkin Pie Treats

Act 6 – A Bee's Hive
“I’m an Animal” Collar

Act 7 – FroliCat™
BOLT™ Interactive Laser Toy

Act 8 – Be Bop USA
Front Lead Harness and Grippa Leash

Act 9 – Dog is Good
Hat, Bumper Sticker, and Greeting Cards

Act 10 – Hauspanther
ModKicker Cat Toy

Act 11 – Bedtime Bones
Box of Bedtime Bones

Act 12 – 100% Angel
Guardian Angel Pet Charm

Act 13 – Trish Hampton
Snappy Keychain

Act 14 – Faux Paw Productions
Kid's Book

Act 15 – Sushi Pups
Tamago Style Sushi Pups Toy

Act 16 – Mutt Nose Best
Natural Healing Stick

Act 17 – Chief Furry Officer
Choice of Three Different Custom Photo Products

Act 18 – Gangs of New Yorkie
Handcrafted Dog Collar

Act 19 – Olive Green Dog
Cookie Treat Cuatro

Act 20 – Troff Pouch
Troff Hydration Pouch

Act 21 – Bitch New York
3-D Dog Charm

Act 22 – Dr. Harvey’s
Package of Power Patties

Act 23 – Earth Heart
Bottle of Guard Well and Buzz Guard Natural Spray Mist

Act 24 – Fitdog Sports Club
Planet Dog Orbee Diamond Plate Ball

Act 25 – Fresh’n Purr (TekQuest)
Cat Litter Deodorizer Crystals and Mist

Act 26 – Poochie Heaven
$25 Gift Card

And the winners are:

Bari (11791 zip code)
Jen (13838)
Chris (15106)
Patricia (15650)
Khyra (17404)
Diana (21204)
Tammy (29651)
Nancy (30045)
Judy (33870)
Carolyn (34711)
Jennifer (43431)
Nicholas (43906)
Doug (47012)
Darlene (48101)
William (48195)
Cindy (48823)
Jessica (49202)
Maryann (49321)
Colette (53128)
Jennifer (60022)
Lauri (65656)
Melissa (66612)
Carol (72756)
Rebecca (77498)
Robin (77521)
Scott (85396)

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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