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March 14, 2007

Too Sexy for My Shirt!!

She’s cool. He’s hip. She’s a Daddy’s Girl. He’s a Momma’s Boy. Any old clothes just won’t do for a dog this fabulous. At happygoluckydogs.com, your search for doggie apparel with attitude is just a click away. Vibrant hoodies, T-shirts with such sayings as “I HAD A NIGHTMARE, I WAS A CHIHUAHUA” and “Bitches Love Me”, raincoats, windbreakers and more are available for every dog—from the tiniest of teacup Yorkies to the 130 lb. Rottweiler to the extra long Dachshund! It’s the ultimate in comfort and style for your furry fashionista. Sizes range from XXS all the way to XXXL, because "size matters!"


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