March 15, 2007

Top Coat and Tails

Well, the weather outside is frightful… and you want to drag your best friend outside without even a jacket? Welcome to K9 TOP COAT, the place to find revolutionary dog apparel that marries form, function, and fashion in garments that are second to none. Want to go for a long, cold, wet romp in the woods? Reach for the Cascade Bodysuit, and wrap your dog in mid-weight fabric that’s insulated, waterproof and windproof. Need something to cover your allergic or ailing dog? The fleece-lined Lycra bodysuit is lightweight, stretchable, and perfect for dogs with allergies or who need special wound care. Want to mix some humor into your doggie apparel choice? Reach for the fashionable, form-fitting muscle shirts that declare “I am as tough as I look.” Unique, practical and affordable dog coats and accessories make every type of weather a pleasure and swaddle your precious pooch in ultimate comfort.

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