March 23, 2011

Muddy Paws Have Met their Match!

It’s time to toss that messy pile of towels by the door. Instead, place a Soggy Doggy Doormat inside the door and muddy paws will be a thing of the past.  

The super absorbent, micro-fiber chenille will not only absorb water and dirt like a sponge, but it will remain super soft under pup paws and bellies. What’s the secret? Because the Doormat is made from millions of textured strands woven together, the surface area is actually much larger than the dimensions of the mat. So the Soggy Doggy Doormat is able to absorb five times more water than regular cotton doormats. That means lots of power to soak up rain and mud from Fido’s paws after a romp in the park, a walk in the woods, or stroll around the block.

The Soggy Doggy Doormat is not only perfect for an entry, but it also makes a cozy crate pad and can work wonders as a mat in the car. Now the two of you really can go singing in the rain!



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