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March 28, 2014

Healthy, Home-Cooked Right to Your Door

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the time to make pooch’s meals yourself? Everything would be home-cooked using real ingredients that you could eat. If you and Fido would love to make this culinary dream come true, check out Lucky Dog Cuisine. They make totally natural, veterinarian-approved, human-grade meals just like you would do for your dog if you had the time.

Take a look at these ingredients: humanely-raised hormone-free grass fed beef, cheeses and yogurts, vegetables, and filtered water—all blended into a fresh-cooked then frozen package shipped right to your door. Removing processed foods from Fido’s diet can not only help him maintain a healthier weight but it can also lower his risk of developing cancer and help him live a longer, healthier life—not unlike how we benefit from a healthier, natural diet. Make the easiest choice for keeping your pooch healthy with a monthly delivery of Lucky Dog Cuisine.




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