April 9
, 2013

Velour Never Goes Out of Style

There’s something so fashionably chic about a velour hoodie. Add rhinestones and your pup will be rocking the ultimate in urban style. Roxy and Lulu make velour hoodies in soft pink or chocolatey brown, adorned with simple, powerful rhinestone-studded icons like hearts, stars, or skull-and-bones.

They also do an even cuter version as a one-piece track suit: pink or brown velour with sporty metallic accent stripes from collar to feet. The brown version is emblazoned with a skull-and-crossbones rhinestone design, and the pink features a daintier rhinestone crown. They both rock. On cool-to-cold days, this cuddly set will rival Fido’s own fur for softness, and keep him cuddly warm, without being too heavy.




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