April 30, 2007

Set Your Refrigerator Free!

Now that you’ve taken up every inch of your refrigerator door with photos of your favorite furry friend, you might think that you’re out of creative places to celebrate your puppy (or kitty) love. Well, think again. At mykleenextissue.com, you can create your own oval tissue box with a photo of you and Rover (or Felix) on the day that he came home, that Halloween night you dressed him up like a flapper (complete with snazzy red fringes and matching feather boa), or the first time he cuddled up with your new daughter on Christmas morning. Just go to the site and you’ll be guided step-by-step as you create your very own customized tissue box. You can order one for $4.99 + shipping. Order more and save! So give Rover his day in the sun… and free up some much-needed refrigerator space for more kiddie artwork!


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