May 6, 2008

Rhinestone Cowboy

Paco Collars makes collars, leads, harnesses and custom whatever. For real dogs. Using only the finest latigo leather on the market, which is the same grade leather used for fine horse tack, they can outfit your pooch in gear that’s rugged, durable, stylin’, and better lookin’ over time.

In fact, if you never do anything to their products, they’ll stand the test of time by gaining a rugged, well worn western patina. Get it wet, get it dirty. Just wipe with a wet rag, if anything. If your dog rolls in something truly disgusting, use dish soap. If you think it's getting a little dry, use any leather conditioner to bring it back to its original shine, but we doubt you'll have to do a thing.

Saunter through their site. Kick back. This is fine leather custom work at its best. Not for sissies.

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