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May 18
, 2009

Get on the Waggin’

Your pet eats the same food day in and day out, which makes it uber-important that what you feed her is healthy and wholesome. Economy, grocery store pet food is the equivalent of fast food. Need we say more? You couldn’t live on it every day and be healthy; neither can your pet.

Waggin Tails has the strictest quality standards of any company that sells consumable pet products…period.

What’s different about them? Ingredients that look similar to the untrained eye might go unnoticed. For example, there is information missing from the bag such as where the product is made and where the ingredients are bought (e.g., maybe China in the recent recalls). Or, the ratio of grains to meats.

Did you know that holistic foods cost more per pound, but you feed a lot less of them because they are so packed with nutrition and not fillers? So the daily cost increase to feed a better food is minimal as compared to cheaper and less-healthy brands.

Think of them as doing the most thorough research for you to ensure everything your pet eats is absolutely safe and free of harmful ingredients.

Trust IS a big deal.


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