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May 23, 2007

Harnesses and Collars for the Tragically Hip Pet

If the theme to The Mod Squad is your siren song or you can still quote Felix Unger’s boss from the Odd Couple (Albert Brooks raving “It’s Happening! It’s Today!”), then chances are good that you’re a fan of Retro Chic. Retro is so out it’s in—so if you’re into Far Out Pink Polka Dots, Retro Boomerangs, Neon Flower Power, Psychedelic Flowers, Disco Dots, or 1950s Diner-themed chic, run on over to retro-pet.com. They’ve got the grooviest collars, leashes and harnesses for your hip and happening pup. Whether she’s a Rottie that’s “large and in charge” or a teacup yorkie on his way to Funky Town, these functional and fashionable duds will make them look too cool for school. Handcrafted and backed up with a 100% satisfaction-guarantee, for your favorite furry hipsters.


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