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May 26
, 2009

Spice Up Your Life

Pepper & Tanky know how. Four fragrances in refreshing pet scents such as Vanilla Woof, Puppy Love, Peaches n’ Cream  and Big Dawg, all equally capable of instilling in your pooch a whiff of glamour. 

Formulated for canines, they’re the perfect gift for any occasion, last for days and won’t irritate sensitive doggie coats.

Vanilla Woof blends floral and sweet vanilla; Peaches n' Cream combines fruit and floral notes; Puppy Love mixes bergamot, amber and jasmine; and Big Dawg is a musky scent of bergamot and neroli.

The scents will spice up your pooch’s life and the retro-style bottles with vintage-inspired atomizers will give you a lift, too.


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