June 6, 2007

Pretty AND Smart

You want your darling pet to be happy, safe, and comfortable. At home she has a private place to go when tired or scared. But, when traveling, should she be hauled off in a crate or carrier that is either unfamiliar or worse, associated with frightening events such as being taken to the veterinarian or locked in baggage compartments?

Not if the Sleepypod mobile bed system is on hand to provide a level of familiarity and comfort previously unavailable. First and foremost, your pet builds a positive association with the Sleepypod as her bed and play area. Then, when traveling, she feels at home anywhere as long as she’s taken in her Sleepypod.

The removable shoulder strap makes carrying a snap. Plus, Sleepypod converts to a car seat simply by slipping the seatbelt through its loop. And while not yet approved for airline travel, plans are in the works for that, too.

As if that weren’t clever enough, Sleepypod cleans with just a wipe of a damp cloth. It’s guaranteed for years of dependable use. In fact, by “years” we mean a lifetime repair warranty and guarantee against material and workmanship defects.

Pretty smart, we say! And last but never least, Sleepypod has incredible style! One glance at its handsome good looks and you’ll be pawsitively smitten.


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