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June 11, 2007


Need to exert control over your pooch at a moment’s notice? Reluctant to rely on training alone? Get two-products-in-one AND solve the problem with Bamboo’s groundbreaking Quick Control Collar + Built-in Leash.

Whether it’s a stranger knocking or an unfamiliar dog approaching, “Where is that **#@##! Leash when I need it?” becomes a thing of the past. The padded handle built right into the collar pulls out to become an instant retractable leash!

Finally, you can be “controlling” without risking a psychiatric diagnosis. Next thing we know, you’ll be trying to organize all your papers.

P.S. Check out Bamboo Pet’s award-winning Feed & Toss disposable bowl system for dogs and cats, too. Clean. Easy. Convenient. Healthy. Just don’t throw out the baby with the bowl water.

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