June 21, 2007

Paw Plunger Saves Thousands...

Of dollars. People. Dogs. Marriages. Fabrics. Homes. Families. You get the idea. How can one little brainstorm, the creation and co-invention of Brianne Leary, accomplish so much?

Simple. Just fill with water, then plunge each soiled paw into the Paw Plunger once or twice. The water and soft bristles do the work, removing dirt and soil from your pup’s paws (thus, sparing the entire house and family). Just towel dry (the 4 paws, not you!) and give your best friend free rein. No more worries, hassles, or stress. No more soiled rugs, upholstery, clothing, or floors. No endless tub wars. No uncomfortable doggie boots.

No more prints from Prince! So if you are tired of choosing between his prints and your chintz, Paw Plunger is for you. It’s safe, easy, gentle and quick. And lets you redecorate sans guilt or fear.

Thus, saving thousands.


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