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August 27, 2008

Angelic Canines Touch Lives

Angel on a Leash, a charitable arm of the Westminster Kennel Club, is onto the amazing healing power of therapy dogs. With the science to back them up, they’ve proven that therapy dogs help people physically, emotionally and socially.

It’s a fact: People who pet or interact with therapy dogs receive a therapeutic benefit within minutes via a massive release of beneficial hormones. They actually heal better faster!

Therapy dog work is great for all concerned: patients, families, schoolchildren, hospital staff, dog owners and the pooches themselves.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you helped Angel on a Leash and their partner, Delta Society, put therapy dog teams to work in all 50 states visiting millions of people in thousands of health care facilities, schools and more? 

Currently, Angel On A Leash is active in New York City, Portland, Oregon, Memphis, TN and New Milford, CT, with plans to expand to more locations using Delta-registered dogs. You might even want to team up with your dog, train and register to visit places where you live.

It’s something to chew on!

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