October 1
, 2009

Contest: Oui, Oui, Henri!

Henri Muttisse, that is! No self-respecting canine can say “no” to this ooh-la-la handcrafted Smucci Matisse bed, handpainted (no less) in one of Henri’s finest for those truly to the manor born.

Daily Kibble is giving away this gorgeous $1,300 dog bed FREE to one lucky subscriber (just one of the benefits of being a loyal Daily Kibble subscriber). Just be subscribed on October 31, 2009, when the contest ends, and you’ll be automatically entered to WIN! Learn more.

So tell all your (two-legged) friends to sign up now and keep their paws crossed.

Your pooch will feel safe and secure, cradled in one big colorful hug of fine arf. But beware! This level of luxury puts pups at risk for sleep addiction, a little known affliction in which the outside world pales by comparison to the world inside this dog bed.

A round black and white faux mink cushion raises zzzzzzzs to new heights. Cushion is machine washable…IF you can rouse Rover out of his comfort zone.

Guaranteed to delight; however continued use may render Fifi a Parisian couch potato, forever satisfied with nothing short of a fine arf masterpiece in which to snooze.

Overall dimensions; 14 inches high, 25 inches diameter.



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