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November 1, 2007

Saving Face: A Happy Spot

Sometimes you just have to muzzle. We understand. Maybe Mabel or Spot isn’t the most sociable scampering one in the dog run. But making sure she or he doesn’t nip at or tuck into new friends shouldn’t make your dog an unfashionable pariah of the park, scaring canine colleagues with the stigma of a stifled snout or fenced-in face. No. Quite the contrary.

Now, don’t worry. Get Happy. Happy Muzzle, that is. It’s the perky alternative for those who otherwise might bite, bark or scarf up scavenged “snacks” outdoors. Use Happy Muzzle on daily constitutionals, at the vet’s, even on public transportation.

Designed of water-resistant, machine-washable, durable Cordura fabric, the Happy Muzzle comes in snappy patterns like Blue Geometric, Red Cherries and White Daisies. In seven sizes, from extra small to extra large, with two for wide-faced breeds, these pretty muzzles allow for easy breathing, drinking and, of course, panting. Perfect for Pomeranians to Pit Bulls, Whippets to Wolfhounds.

Your canine companion will be safe, secure…and, more importantly, wearing a happy, pretty face.

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