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November 8, 2007

If Your Dog Were in High School, He'd be the Nerd

But we mean that in a good way! Remember, Bill Gates was a nerd! What we’re saying is that while the athletes and the cheerleaders wore their spirit wear, and the divas wore their boas and sparkly crystal jewelry, your dog would stand out from the pack in his favorite TEAFCO collar.

It’s an innovative collar that’s techno-trendy and environmentally friendly too! Smooth, sleek and secure (it won’t slip or fall off), the Fydo Action Collar is so technologically savvy, you’ll never have to worry about fraying nylon or splitting leather again. Plus, it’s waterproof, odor proof and easy to clean, and it comes in 13 attention-grabbing colors, to cater to his inner “diva.”

And while “Mr. Gates” is sporting his fabulous new collar, you can carry him wherever you need to go in the ARGO Pet Peek-a-Boo Carrier. An asymmetric design and handbag style is where fashion and function come together in perfect harmony. Unlike some other standard, boring carriers, the ARGO is shaped to fit a pet’s body, offering the ultimate in comfort. It’s big enough so that your dog can sit or stand, with plenty of room to move around. The Peek-a-Boo window lets him enjoy the scenery, too, so he can laugh at all those other dogs who stole his milk money back in elementary school. Choose petal pink, tango orange, kiwi green or berry blue, and make your special boy or girl feel like a gazillionaire!

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