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November 13, 2007

Made from Scratch

Most of the time scratching at the door is a big “No-No.” The rare exceptions…say, when it's Publishers Clearinghouse knocking, ready to hand over a big check for upwards of a cool mill. Or that cute guy you met at Starbuck's. Or possibly the entire film crew from Extreme Makeover, in which case personally, I wouldn’t care whether it were the Home Edition or the cosmetic one. But I digress.

When it’s your dog scratching away at your door, it’s not only annoying but also destructive. Until now. This clear PVC no-scratch shield is easy on the eyes, friendly to every decor, lightweight and tear-proof. Protects doors from dings, dents, scratches and chews by those would-be canine escapees trying to make a break for the great outdoors.

Just another way of keeping the peace.

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