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November 15, 2007

YES to the Nose

Mmmmm. Y’know how little babies smell? So sweet and fresh you just want to scoop them up in your arms and hold ‘em close? You kiss, hug, snuggle and cuddle up. Likewise, when our four-legged fur “babies” smell good, we let them get closer and give them more affection.

That’s the whole idea behind It’s like a daily vitamin for your dog that deodorizes their body and breath naturally. Unlike deodorizers and sprays that just mask odors or plaque-scraping chews that only do a partial job, Smell Goodies works from the inside out to naturally reduce doggie odors from head to tail.

Go from stinky to sweet in about a week.

And get this: the manufacturer stands by it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t smell a dramatic improvement in your dog within a week, they’ll refund your purchase price.

Although we hate to name drop, this product is so cool it was included in the Oscar, Grammy and Emmy Gift Bags!

Sounds like a resounding “Yes! To the Nose.”

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