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November 16
, 2007

Raise Them Right

Remember that story about the princess and the pea, and how she was unable to get a good night’s rest because she could feel that teeny weeny pea perched on the bottom of a dozen mattresses? You’d expect nothing less from royalty. Well, imagine how your little princess (or prince) feels when they’re forced to sleep on a cold, drafty floor! Sovereigns like this deserve better—and you can give it to them with the Durabed Framed Dog Bed.

This 16-gauge steel framed platform bed can hold up to 250 pounds of his royal poochiness in comfort and style. Veterinarians love it because it supports your dog’s spine and keeps her off the floor, away from those pesky blasts of cold air. You’ll love it because everyday soil wipes away with a damp cloth, and the luggage-grade nylon cover removes easily for machine washing when necessary. And your dog? She’s sure to sleep like a princess.

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