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November 28, 2007

Pray for a Stocking. Or Prey for a Stalking?

Sometimes our dogs and cats have…well, beastly ways. Case in point: when we dream of presenting them with a personalized, elegant velveteen Christmas stocking—one with quilting and their own name embroidered on top. A symbol of the luxury and privilege they enjoy in our care.

We’re talking about a lovely custom item sure to become a favorite tradition: your pet’s own custom embroidered Christmas stocking. Not to be confused with “Christmas stalking,” which is what their inner hunter just might hear. As in the “thrill of the hunt” and “the wild outdoors.”

Our point is that it’s going to be up to you whether this Christmas your dog or cat enjoys an oh-so-civilized and oh-so-pampered experience (complete with personalized stocking) or a more instinct-driven and not-so-evolved holiday (stalking prey).

The red and green dangling bones and embossed paw print add the perfect touch for dogs, while the dangling fish will entice any feline.

So be clear about the differences between pray and prey, stockings and stalkings, and your fur baby will know that he’s loved and adored as a full-fledged member of his human pack on Christmas morning.

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