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December 6, 2006

You Oughta Be In Pictures

Lassie. The Shaggy Dog. Any one of those 101 Dalmatians. And yet . . . none is half as cute as your pooch. Yours could easily launch a movie career, become the next pup-star. Shouldn’t he be living the life?

The first step: Pimp his crib! The Hollywoof stretch limo pet bed guarantees superstar treatment. This plush bed sports detailed hubcaps and rims, a Hollywoof license plate and mirrors to monitor the pup-arazzi chasing him. The removable machine washable cover makes car washes a snap.

Even if Fido can’t get past the velvet ropes at the hottest clubs, he can always chomp on the Dog Perignon squeaky bottle in the back seat.

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