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December 7, 2006

Putting Paw to Paper

Any well-bred, remotely well-mannered, creature knows there is no substitute for the handwritten note, promptly and politely scrawled on fine letterhead. And while pee-mail may do it for some, it will never rival the true elegance of the written woof.

The calling card one leaves may be the most lasting impression.

Enter The Pet Set, brainchild of Kim Banks. A woman who understands that pets lack formal language and opposable thumbs, the stuff of which handwritten notes are made (“a minor inconvenience,” we would say).

A woman who also understands, however, that today’s pet has a life (“A major accomplishment,” we would say). In other words, pets still need to express thanks, appear thoughtful, remember others, revel in their accomplishments, celebrate major events, throw parties, and more.

What does your calling card say about you? Put paw to paper. Leave an impression.

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