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December 28, 2006

Sweet Revenge & Definitely-the-Do*

Mmmmm, 5.6 ounces of the finest pure melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate from Guittard, with a twist. This chocolate treat is shaped like a pile of you-know-what, lovingly nestled on a bed of ‘green grass’ in a clear cellophane bag as if it were just picked up fresh…from the candy store.

The possibilities here are endless, folks. A centerpiece, a cake topper, a party favor, a gift for your ‘Ex’, a gift for the family dogwalker, a gag gift, or just scattered around the house for decoration. Not for everyone, we know, but there’s no better way to honor the daily gifts our pups provide.

And face it, Doos happen!

*For human consumption only.

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