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December 29, 2006


Like the cyborg who came to earth to reshape the future in the Terminator in 1984, in 2006 we have a way to reshape the present. It's really that revolutionary.

The Furminator can reduce shedding by up to 90%! It removes the undercoat simply and effectively and is suitable for any shedding dog or cat, short or long-haired (but not suitable for non-shedding breeds such as yorkies, poodles, maltese, Irish water spaniels, etc.). And they love it because they get a massage in the process.

Face it: everyday is not Halloween. Meaning: you can't feel good about walking around covered in fur from head to toe. It can't be either a social or professional advantage to find more pet hair on you and your couch than on the pets themselves. Not to mention, it can ruin even the sexiest little black dress. Fast!

So if you love your pet, but hate the pet hair, get a Furminator. As psychologically liberating as it is socially advantageous.

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